The six-cylinder sports coupé BMW E9 is considered one of the most beautiful BMW creations ever. H&R developed some sport stabilizers for the timeless classic car.

Schaukeln in Kurvenfahrten? Das war gestern – wir sorgen für das richtige Setup!

The mounting material required for installation, consisting of rubbers and drop links, is included in the stabilizer kit. Precision forged ends ensure an optimum connection between the drop link and stabilizer bar. The H&R rubber bearings with Teflon inserts reduce friction, wear, are maintenance-free and noiseless.

The advantages of a H&R sport stabilizer bar

  • Reduced roll tendency of the vehicle
  • Under- or oversteer can be adjusted
  • Better handling due to reduced body roll
  • High-strength special spring steel
  • Hardly anyloss of comfort
  • In-house development and production in Germany

Available as of now

Part no.: 33785-3 (only front)
H&R sport stabilizer Ø25 mm only for front axle
without adjustment, incl. rubbers, connection to the original drop links

Part no.: 33785-4 (complete set)
H&R sport stabilizer Ø25 mm for front axle
(without adjustment, incl.  rubbers, connection to the original drop links)
H&R sport stabilizer Ø19 mm for the rear axle
(3-hole adjustment, incl. rubbers and drop links)

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